Help with interview questions

Hi. Almost everyone at one time or another is looking for help with interview answers. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced executive who finds themselves interviewing after being in a position for years.

I’ve captured some key learnings and guidance in my new book “7 Interview Questions You Must Get Right” – this book is for sale both on my web site [] as well as on Barnes & Noble [] for the Nook platform.

I will be using this blog to help people with multiple topics based on what I’ve seen in the past, and continue to see, with respect to interviews myself and my team has conducted.

Stay tuned to our site for interview tips and other related information of importance to job seekers – I hope to leverage my experiences to help you find and get your next job.

I encourage readers to post their experiences with interviewing – I will not be the only teacher here, but hope to create a vibrant community where all of us learn from each other!

To your success,

Russell Tuckerton

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