Free Resources for your Job Search

Hi. I recently was made aware of some new resources online that offer a wealth of information around interviewing and resume creation.

I haven’t had the chance to fully review these, but an initial pass showed some good content – however, as with most free content sites, you’ll have to sift through a fair amount of data to find what is applicable to your specific situation or need, but these are at least worth taking a look at – I’d welcome feedback from our readers on specific areas you found useful or not useful. Again, I’m not endorsing these as I haven’t had time to thoroughly review. – “Offers resume and cover letter templates and examples to
download, writing tips and an interview guide.”
– “Publish your resume online and have your own web page. Offers
resume writing tips and examples.”

Again, as you explore these sites please leave feedback on what you found useful on them!

Russell Tuckerton

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