Don’t forget to reward yourself

Two things happened today that I thought I would comment on.

One is my sister was seeking some advice from me, as she was on her second interview for a new position [she had been laid off a few months ago like so many], and of course I welcomed that chance to share my experience with her to help her land this job she is passionate about.

The second is our two kids did some pretty amazing things today, and as a reward I took them to Barnes & Noble tonight [and not just because my book is published on their site!].

Thinking about this, I realized that not everything can be dry advice about interviewing, nervous twitters before an interview, and aprehension and being on pins and needles after an interview…

Sometimes you have to step back and celebrate the successes you have and are currently having. Whether you are a 7 year old being rewarded for amazing your parents, or a sister going on a second interview – these are amazing things, especially in this job climate and era of unemployment – and you should celebrate!

Take a break from worrying about an upcoming interview [be happy you have one and beat out hundreds of others], or take pride in an interview you just completed, and know that you did your best and let the cards fall where they may – celebrate. Treat yourself – whether it is a trip to the bookstore, and ice cream, a new dress, or a nice dinner out – celebrate.

Put some positive energy out there, and feel good about yourself – you’ve earned it.


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