Job Search – Pay for this service?

I recently was contacted by one of our site visitors who asked if they should consider paying for a resume refresh through In speaking with her it turned out that:

  • She was being contacted and going on multiple interviews over the past several weeks
  • She was even going back for second interviews in a few cases
  • However, she was not getting any job offers.

In this case, spending money on a service to redo her resume wouldn’t be a good investment. Why? Because if there was a problem with her resume, she wouldn’t be getting interviews – the fact that she is getting first and second interviews indicates that her resume is doing its job of getting her in the front door.

Where she should be focusing her time, energy, and possibly making an investment would be interviewing skills – obviously something is occurring in her interviews that is resulting in her skills, experience, and fit for the job to not be communicated clearly.

She also asked specifically about my opinion on theladders service. My opinion and experience with this service, as well as other job search sites on the internet [free and paid] can be found in my free report, which you can receive FREE via email by using the form on the right hand side of my web site!

As always, I wish you the best in your job search, career moves, and upcoming job interviews!

Russell Tuckerton

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