Simple Interview Tips

Hi – in reading through ongoing posts in and other job advice boards, I find a common set of questions around some basics of interviewing. I thought I would share some simple, yet highly effective interview tips that will help you in almost all interview scenarios. I’m still surprised many candidates I personally interview don’t seem to be aware of these.

  • Don’t ramble – answer the question asked but don’t go off on tangents. Most answers should take between 1-3min maximum.
  • Dress professionally – even if it is a casual workplace, a suit still indicates respect for the company and the person conducting the interview.
  • Don’t be nervous – remember, your skills can help make the company successful – not the other way around. And, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You should assume that even if you get offered the position the control is then in your hands to decide if you want it.
  • Try and provide relevant examples and outcomes wherever possible, but be concise.
  • Always demonstrate a team spirit when the question presents an opportunity – nobody likes a lone ranger.
  • When asked for when you’ve failed, or what you’ve done wrong in your past, always pick an example where you can demonstrate what you learned, and how you turned the situation around.
  • Never mention personal conflict with employees or managers unless you can provide an example of how you overcame it and became productive with that individual. In other words, nobody wants to hire someone that is going to cause problems on their team.
  • Always have a list of 3-4 questions written down to ask at the end of the interview. You can find great examples online as well as in my book referenced in the menu on this site.
  • Be passionate and excited about the company and the position. Low energy during an interview is a red flag for most managers.
  • Be comfortable, and use your hands a little when talking – don’t be a statue.
  • Don’t share personal information – including having a family, kids, sick relatives, etc. Personal information can never help your chances, and could hurt them.

For more tips based on real live interviews [hundreds of them] check out my interview tips e-book which is available on this site as well as at Barnes and Noble [search on my name].

Best of luck!

Russell Tuckerton

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