Resumes – How do I look my best?

I was speaking with a 19yr old today who was describing his first resume he had created and was sending out – turns out he didn’t have his contact information on there, listed references with names and phone numbers, and in general hadn’t done much research on what a resume should look like…

DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE – Whether you’re an experienced professional, or just starting out after high school or college, your resume should be the perfect document – there is no room for mistakes. Furthermore, there are only a few formats that are considered “acceptable” and used extensively by job seekers, and more importantly, are used to being seen by a hiring manager.

We don’t like to see new formats – it takes us too long to find the critical pieces of information. We also expected to see the same type of information on a resume – we don’t want a monologue about your trip around the world, or an extensive section on your hobbies.

Do your research – there are plenty of sites and content available on the web for FREE that instruct you on how to create the perfect resume.

One site I just spent some time on is – this is a pretty decent site, and provides numerous examples of resumes depending on industry. I’d check out this site in addition to the usual suspects such as etc.

Description: A wide range of resume examples are available for your job search!

As always, good luck, and feel free to contact me.


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