The Digital Interview Handbook – An Essential Tool for the Digital Age

Recently I had an opportunity to review “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook” by Paul J. Bailo. I must admit I was impressed and would consider it an essential tool in any job seekers arsenal.

If you have previously participated in a video interview, or you have one coming up, “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook” is a must have to ensure you ace a video interview. As a hiring manager for over 20 years, this book is a breath of fresh air in terms of addressing common mistakes that lead to a bad video interview. In fact, this is the first comprehensive treatment of the new digital video interviewing trend and how to master it. Even if your interviewing skills are top notch, there are new skills and information you need when applying your skills over a video session.

Paul covers the entire process from end to end – from selecting the right video and audio equipment for your home office, to appropriate backdrops, positioning of the camera and microphone, and how you need to change your interaction style when on camera versus a normal in-person interview.

I especially appreciate how he draws upon his extensive experience in conducting and participating in video conferences and interviews, and highlights real world examples of both best practices and “bloopers”.

Whether you are interviewing for a job, conducting a video interview as a manager, or engaged in company meetings over a video connection, this book will help you stand out using this increasingly common digital medium.

The Essential Digital Interview Handbook can be found at many leading book retailers, including Amazon.

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