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Check out my just published book “What I Wish Every Job Candidate Knew: 15 Minutes to a Better Interview“. This is one of my best works to date – it accurately captures over 20 years of observations interviewing and hiring all levels of individuals. It provides a set of concise recommendations based on mistakes I have seen most candidates make. The book is intentionally very concise so it can be put to use in as little as 15 minutes. Pick up a copy today on Amazon and begin interviewing better tomorrow. Shouldn’t you leverage my experiences sitting on the other side of the interview table?






I recently had the chance to review a ground breaking book focused on excelling at digital video interviews – read my thoughts on this comprehensive guide to the latest emerging trend here.

Be sure and read our latest Interview Tips and additional job information on the corporate life! Our career posts provide a wealth of job and career information to help you be as successful as possible in your job search and growing your career once you have your dream job. Our latest post concerns very basic interview tips – these should be considered the baseline set of interview approaches you should follow, after which you layer on more education about specific questions and how to answer those. An excellent resource is my book that provides real life, actionable interview guidance on the top 7 “trick” interview questions managers are using in this weird job market – all based on years of experience in interviewing and hiring members for my teams as well as other departments. This book is also published on Barnes & Noble!

Do You Need Credible Interview Advice and Job Tips?

Hi – I’m Russel Tuckerton. Welcome to my blog on interview tips, where you will received unedited, unfiltered, candid information direct from a current executive – someone that continues to hire and manage large teams.

I leverage my 20 years of experience across companies like Microsoft to give you “insider interview advice” from the hiring managers perspective. Things like:

  • How the interview process really works
  • Why we ask certain interview questions
  • What key factors during the interview cause me to hire, or not hire, people like you
  • What you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to personal information
  • What really goes on at Career Fairs – and how to use this to your advantage
  • ..and new topics every week based on feedback and questions from my readers – addressing the real problems they are having in interviews.

I’ve been published on sites like, and regularly provide answers to job seekers on interview forums at,, and many other career sites.

This is the one site where you can learn what really matters in the interview from an actual manager – someone that makes the final decision as to whether to hire you.

I offer a wealth of knowledge free on my blog postings and in my articles published on the Internet, as well as highly focused, targeted guidance in E-Books that are available for purchase at nominal prices.

Please use this knowledge to your advantage, and ace that next job interview. After all, who better to learn from than the manager who may be interviewing you

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