Some Basics I Use in My Job Search

I often get asked which online resources I use when searching for my next opportunity. Here are my “go-to” sites that I am on almost every day when searching for my next role and company:

  • Glassdoor. I set up an account, uploaded my resume, and visit this site every day. I also set up job-alerts for daily delivery which are awesome, as they highly the NEW postings versus me having to remember which ones I’ve already reviewed. Their salary information for positions at specific companies is invaluable, as I don’t want to target a role that isn’t in my range.
  • Similar to above – set up an account, upload your resume, set up job alerts, and search. The really nice thing about this site is every time I visit it I can see how many new opportunities have been posted since my last visit [in the left hand column of the page]. By clicking on these the site shows me just the new postings in that category since my last visit – a huge time saver.
  • LinkedIn. Kind of obvious, but you need to have a solid profile on there and search their jobs listings (using advanced search so you can narrow to your location) every day. The sorting isn’t as good here as the other 2 sites, but I always search by most recent and watch the posting dates to know when I’ve reached the point of older already-viewed postings.

I also highly recommend LinkedIn Premium if you can afford it. It makes you stand out a bit more, recruiters seem to focus more on premium members, and you can send Inmails to contacts at key companies that have a position you are interested in.

I hope this was helpful, and as always best of luck on finding your next great opportunity!


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