5 Ways to Put Your Executive Resume on a Power Trip

Laura Smith-Proulx is one of the top executive resume authors in the United States. If you have not researched her or spent any time looking at her qualifications, I would highly advise you to start!

She recently published a great short read that condenses decades of experience in helping executives highlight their careers:


While you may or may not be an executive looking for your next position, after reading her posting I think everyone would find value in some of the key insights she advocates when creating or updating your resume.

Remember – your resume is the culmination of years of experience, and is the single document that determines whether you will get called for an interview. You cannot underestimate the importance of this document, and of capturing your experiences, skills, and your unique value in written form. The investment you put into creating a winning resume will pay dividends for years to come in terms of salary, benefits, and career growth.



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