How to Stand Out from the Crowd In Your Holiday Job Search

Special Guest Post: Erica Francis.

Competition for holiday jobs is stiff. College students, high school students, retirees, and people looking for a little extra income to make playing Santa easier on the household budget seek out holiday jobs every year. If you want to stand out from the crowd in your holiday job search, consider these suggestions.

Know the Company

One of the best things you can do to help yourself stand out from the crowd in your holiday job search is to impress the hiring manager. If you know a little about the company, you will be better prepared to answer and ask questions. Don’t come off as a know-it-all, but mention facts and details about the company that relate to the interview questions. You’ll show that you took a little bit of effort to get to know your potential employer, and that will help to make you look like an informed, motivated job candidate.

Treat The Holiday Job Like a Permanent Position

For whatever reason, people applying for holiday jobs often treat them more casually than they would a permanent position. If you act a like a professional, you are more likely to get the seasonal job than those applicants who do not. Look your best when you go in to pick up an application. Update your resume with any job skills and experience that make you a good fit for the position and bring copies with you both when you pick up an application and when you go in to interview. Ask to meet with the hiring manager or manager on duty when you request or submit an application. And don’t be afraid to follow up. Give the hiring manager a call to check in on their decision.

Be Prepared for a Quick Interview

SeasoInterview in progressnal hiring practices often vary from those for permanent positions. Be prepared for a rapid-fire interview of between 10 to 15 minutes in length, especially if you are applying for a seasonal position at a big box retailer that hires scores of people for the holidays. The more you practice, the better you’ll be at expressing your top qualifications, your most compelling skills and abilities, and your interest in the company in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that not all interviews will be this short, so be prepared for longer interviews as well.

Consider a Job at Stores You Visit Often

You may not realize it, but employers often recognize customers who shop frequently in their stores. That’s why one of the best places to look for seasonal work is the store that you shop in the most. Managers and clerks will recognize you and realize that you already know about their products and services and value their business. You will stand out from the crowd because you will not require as much training as other candidates.

Be As Flexible As Possible

If you are committed to landing a holiday job, you will need to be as flexible with your availability as possible. Hiring managers need seasonal workers who are able to work long hours, nights, and weekends, and if you are the candidate who mentions during your interview that you are available any day, any time, you will stand out. Your flexibility will make you a valuable candidate, and it will alert the manager to the fact that you won’t complain about working holidays, weekends, and evenings when other people request time off.

Remember, if you show a genuine interest in the company and the position and that you are making an effort to get the job, you will have a better chance at getting the seasonal position you desire. Stand out from the crowd in the best ways possible, and you’ll soon be a seasonal worker. And, if you decide that you would like to turn your temporary position into a long-term position, these tips should help you accomplish that goal as well.

Erica Francis loves working with to teach young people how to get started in the job market. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, crocheting, and acting at her town’s community theater.

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