The Cover Letter That Led to Awesome Interviews – The Muse

Here’s the good thing about rock bottom: Nothing is off-limits. I gave myself permission to try any and all tactics in the cover letter playbook, from throwing in a Beyoncé GIF to pretending the hiring manager and I were good friends. Finally, 103 cover letters later, I landed on one that worked. Within an hour, I had an interview request waiting in my inbox—and then another, and another. Soon, my response rate skyrocketed from 0 to 55%, and I was scheduling interviews with Vogue, InStyle, and Rolling Ston

Source: The Cover Letter That Led to Awesome Interviews – The Muse

Great article on cover letters from The Muse. As my readers know, I normally advocate against writing cover letters – I personally thing the statistic quoted here of “55% of managers not reading cover letters” is understated. Myself and other hiring managers virtually never read cover letters – so the percentatage is closer to 100%. We don’t have time – we’re skimming resumes and within 30-60 seconds have to get a response back to HR on whether they should phone screen the candidate or reject right away.

However, certain industries, positions, and size of companies still do occasionally look at cover letters, and if you are having trouble getting interviews it may be worth trying some of the techniques outlined in this article – after all, what do you have to lose other than a little time?


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