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article on job interviews from OZY

You can’t hide how much you suck when you’re improvising.

There are precious few things you can count on in this world: Bánh mì will taste worse than you expect, birthday phone calls will be awkward and, in any job interview, you’ll be asked inane questions like “What is your greatest weakness?” and “What’s a mistake you’ve made?”

Source: Ditch the Ol’ Job Interview | Immodest proposal | OZY

I recently was quoted by Libby Coleman / OZY in the above article after a short interview I did with her a while back. This is a great article on many fronts if you have a jaded view of the interview process (and not just because my name is in it).

In fact, a jaded perspective is probably good. The interview game hasn’t changed for most of my 24 years in corporate America. Sure – you can skype or facetime now with human resources or a slew of hiring managers. But the sad fact is the questions remain largely the same as they were when I entered the workforce long ago.

Watch the video Libby does that demonstrates just one crazy idea that actually would result in the interviewer learning more about you as a person. This versus canned answers to standard age old questions.

If you’ve read my book “15 Minutes to a Better Interview” you already know I’m not a fan of canned answers. I’d rather you know the intent behind the question, then give me the information in a way that matches your personality. And skills. And Experience. Not a robot.

So check out the above article [good points], and the video [exaggeration of better ways we should all look to communicate who we are in an interview].

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