About Me

Russell Tuckerton is a current corporate executive with over 20 years of experience in the technology and telecommunications industries. He is currently at a Fortune 500 company in the consumer and business software and services sector.

He writes under the pseudonym Russell Tuckerton to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or concerns from his current employer. By continuing to be successful in his career, he will continue to learn and grow, and being in this position enables him to continually provide the latest and most relevant “insider” information to individuals like you during your job search and career development.

His breakthrough guide to Interviewing is consistently a top 10 best seller on Amazon – “15 Minutes to a Better Interview“. Based on the reviews this book has enabled hundreds to land that job they wanted.

He has an undergraduate and graduate degree from 2 top tier universities, as well as over 20 years of experience primarily in the technology field. While we cannot list all companies he has worked for due to confidentiality concerns, these companies have included 4 Fortune 500 companies (including Microsoft), as well as 3 startup companies. Across all of these companies he has participated in, or been directly responsible for, hiring individuals for all levels of roles. This has included administrative positions, call center agents, project managers, technical support, sales personnel, programmers, analysts, IT positions, and general management positions.

In almost all companies Russell Tuckerton has received extensive training in how to assess individuals, to determine both a fit for the role, as well as a fit for the company culture. Often this depends not only on the actual “hard” skills learned in school and through prior experience, but also soft skills such as communication skills (written and verbal), ability to function as part of a team, critical thinking, judgment, and integrity. Throughout his hiring career he has rejected more candidates due to concerns around soft skills than hard skills – which is why the majority of the content on this site is oriented around soft skills versus hard skills.

He is a frequent guest commentator on multiple job and career blogs, including the Monster.com and Indeed.com career blogs, with a focus on answering questions and problems candidates have during the interview process.

He has also been published on both Barnes & Noble, as well as on multiple editorial sites such as ezinearticles.com.