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Even I can be a bit vain at time…

Top selling job interview guide Excited to see my 25 years of highly condensed hiring experiences hit number #1 on Amazon today. If you have a job interview in your future this is a must have asset to improve your chances of really getting the job! Related articles How to Hire the Right Employees: 6 Qualities to Look For [Infographic] […] Continue reading →

More Funny Job Interviews – Enjoy!

The lighter side of interviewing for a job     Sometimes we have to look at the lighter side of job interviews right? Note: This one has some vulgar language – click at your own risk! Ok – So this video may not be a funny interview video, but I found a graphic artist that does some pretty unique videos – let me […] Continue reading →

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in 2016

preparing for your interview 2016 will bring a ton of new job opportunities for new college graduates as well as employed workers looking to advance their career or try something new. With the economy slowly rebounding, unemployment being down, and a lack of qualified candidates in so many fields, this is your year to get the dream job you’ve […] Continue reading →

Studying Too Hard for the Job Interview?

Girl studying Interview Questions and Answers  Throughout my career I have run into many job candidates who come into my office like students who stayed up all night studying for a final exam. They look tired, stressed out, and struggle for an hour to remember the exact answer to the exam questions. The problem is there are no exact right answers, […] Continue reading →

Do you understand how to mirror?

dogs-602890_640 One of the skills I touch upon in my recently published guide is the art of “mirroring” during an interview. The best information I learned about this technique was actually from listening to Tony Robbins, where he discusses how to use this to build personal relationships. True mirroring is fairly easy to learn, and involves […] Continue reading →

My New Book + Site Information for Newbies!

 Check out my just published book “What I Wish Every Job Candidate Knew: 15 Minutes to a Better Interview“. This is one of my best works to date – it accurately captures over 20 years of observations interviewing and hiring all levels of individuals. It provides a set of concise recommendations based on mistakes I […] Continue reading →

Amazon – The Unanswered Question

 I’ve received several questions via email at regarding a comment made on the Author’s description of my newest book on Specifically, what was the one question that a senior manager candidate answered wrong that caused us not to hire her. Let me give you some context, and how my book would have helped […] Continue reading →