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How to Interview Well

 I can’t imagine a more researched topic with tons of free advice than how to search for and interview well for a new job. Anyone that has ever held a job – whether mowing lawns or as a vice president of a technology company lets the advice flow freely. Recruiters and human resources personnel are […] Continue reading →

Simple Interview Tips

 Hi – in reading through ongoing posts in and other job advice boards, I find a common set of questions around some basics of interviewing. I thought I would share some simple, yet highly effective interview tips that will help you in almost all interview scenarios. I’m still surprised many candidates I personally interview […] Continue reading →

Interview Followup – I didn’t get the job

 I recently had a reader walk me through their interview experience. She had a great first interview, and followed many of my interview tips during their second interview. She walked out of the second interview feeling like she had really connected with the hiring manager, and was expecting a call with a job offer. She […] Continue reading →

Interview Articles Just Published

 Hi. 2 new interviewing skills articles have just been published on – available for FREE! “Understanding the Interview Process” “Job Interview Question: How to Answer Who Is Your Best Friend?” I hope everyone finds these helpful as you continue on your journey towards that new job! Russell Continue reading →

Don’t forget to reward yourself

 Two things happened today that I thought I would comment on. One is my sister was seeking some advice from me, as she was on her second interview for a new position [she had been laid off a few months ago like so many], and of course I welcomed that chance to share my experience […] Continue reading →

Is Interviewing an Art or a Skill?

 What do you think? Is Interviewing an Art, that requires some innate ability that people are born with and refine throughout their life, or is it a skill that can be learned and then refined like any other skill? Are some people just born with a “knack” for interviewing and getting the job offer the […] Continue reading →

Help with interview questions

 Hi. Almost everyone at one time or another is looking for help with interview answers. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced executive who finds themselves interviewing after being in a position for years. I’ve captured some key learnings and guidance in my new book “7 Interview Questions You Must Get Right” – […] Continue reading →