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How to Write a Cover Letter – Don’t!

woman writing a cover letter for resume I think cover letters are dead. Learning how to write a good cover letter is taking you down a useless rabbit hole. It could take a couple of hours, you will research letter templates online, maybe download a few…and in general drive yourself nuts as to what to put in it and how to format […] Continue reading →

5 Ways to Put Your Executive Resume on a Power Trip

sign on building for job seekers Laura Smith-Proulx is one of the top executive resume authors in the United States. If you have not researched her or spent any time looking at her qualifications, I would highly advise you to start! She recently published a great short read that condenses decades of experience in helping executives highlight their careers: While […] Continue reading →

A Professionally Produced Resume is Essential

woman writing a cover letter for resume Hi. If you are a reader of my blog, you know I seldom recommend other products or services. However, recently I found myself in the position of changing jobs, and decided my resume [20+ years of experience on it] really needed an overhaul. I did a fair amount of research and corresponded with multiple resume […] Continue reading →

I was a Stripper…

Stripper on a pole black and white I recently read a great article on titled “How to put ‘stripper’ on your resume“. Many people have worked in positions that they found satisfying, paid good money and helped sustain their standard of living, are legal – yet may raise eyebrows when considering a new job not in the same realm.   Stripper […] Continue reading →

Resume Format Template

 Almost everyone wants to ensure they are using the best resume template they can, and most job seekers are always looking for that perfect, best sample resume they can copy. This makes sense – your resume is typically the one single item that determines whether you get called in for a job interview, and also […] Continue reading →

Resumes – How do I look my best?

 I was speaking with a 19yr old today who was describing his first resume he had created and was sending out – turns out he didn’t have his contact information on there, listed references with names and phone numbers, and in general hadn’t done much research on what a resume should look like… DON’T MAKE […] Continue reading →