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The Best Online Job Sites

There are thousands of job sites across the Internet that advertise openings at companies – so how do you find the best online job sites among these choices: Company sites Job Posting Sites Aggregation sites Paid listing sites Recruiter sites …and the list goes on. This report provides a short list of online job search […]
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How to Do Well Preparing for an Interview

  This thesis will outline my learning’s, and the learning’s of others, as to how to best way to prepare for a job interview, whether it is your first or 20th. This step is just as important – if not more so – than all of the research and work you have done up to this […]
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9 Ways You Are Killing Your Career

If you’ve read my blog or my best selling “15 Minutes to a Better Interview” book – you know I tell it like it is. Concise, to the point, whether you like it or not. No fluff or filler. Whether you are fresh out of high school or college working your first job, or an […]
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Driving Organizational Change when it isn’t wanted

I know I am overdue to continue my post on why judgement becomes such a critical skill to advancing your career – long after your hard skills have pushed you as far as they can career-wise. However, I recently received an email from a reader of this blog around my post on moving out of […]
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Even I can be a bit vain at time…

Excited to see my 25 years of highly condensed hiring experiences hit number #1 on Amazon today. If you have a job interview in your future this is a must have asset to improve your chances of really getting the job! Related articles How to Hire the Right Employees: 6 Qualities to Look For [Infographic] […]
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More Funny Job Interviews – Enjoy!

    Sometimes we have to look at the lighter side of job interviews right? Note: This one has some vulgar language – click at your own risk! Ok – So this video may not be a funny interview video, but I found a graphic artist that does some pretty unique videos – let me […]
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How to Prepare for a Job Interview in 2016

2016 will bring a ton of new job opportunities for new college graduates as well as employed workers looking to advance their career or try something new. With the economy slowly rebounding, unemployment being down, and a lack of qualified candidates in so many fields, this is your year to get the dream job you’ve […]
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Why Your Skills Won’t Advance Your Career

Catchy title right? It almost immediately invokes an emotional reaction in a lot of my readers. The point of this title, and this post, is to explain why the skills and hard work that resulted in your current career position are unlikely to be what is needed to go to the next level. Let me […]
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How to Stand Out from the Crowd In Your Holiday Job Search

Special Guest Post: Erica Francis. Competition for holiday jobs is stiff. College students, high school students, retirees, and people looking for a little extra income to make playing Santa easier on the household budget seek out holiday jobs every year. If you want to stand out from the crowd in your holiday job search, consider […]
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I Fixed My Brakes – And Why This Is Important to Your Career

This past weekend I tried something I’ve never done before – I decided to replace my front brake pads myself. While I am a pretty mechanical guy with a decent tool set, and have no problems with basic repairs and assembly of furniture and kids toys, there are areas I normally stay away from.   […]