Girl studying Interview Questions and Answers

Studying Too Hard for the Job Interview?

 Throughout my career I have run into many job candidates who come into my office like students who stayed up all night studying for a final exam. They look tired, stressed out, and struggle for an hour to remember the exact answer to the exam questions. The problem is there are no exact right answers, […]

5 Myths About Organizational Culture Every CEO Should Know –

This is a great short and sweet overview of some of the most common buzzwords everybody in management always hears about and is expected to change at some point in their corporate career – including covering the “Silver Bullet” aspects of how a change will make everything magically better. If you only have a few […]
Stack of Jenga Blocks

Jenga – Critical Game of Self Control for Your Career

Most of us have played Jenga – either when we were kids, or as adults [possibly after a few beverages]. If you remember, it consists of slowing building a tower of bricks, and then taking turns strategically removing bricks throughout the tower without having the entire tower fall. Many career books miss completely a similar […]

5 Ways to Put Your Executive Resume on a Power Trip

Laura Smith-Proulx is one of the top executive resume authors in the United States. If you have not researched her or spent any time looking at her qualifications, I would highly advise you to start! She recently published a great short read that condenses decades of experience in helping executives highlight their careers: While […]

Laid Off – Unemployment Looms….

You cannot go through a successful, aggressive career without at some point being caught up in a corporate layoff. 2014 was when the wheel finally landed on my position. Being in a remote office certainly can increase your risk, as often when senior management changes the pendulum may swing towards wanting to centralize control. I’ve […]

Free Download – Best Job Sites and How to Use Them

Hi everyone – I’m enjoyed another sunny, unusually warm day here in Denver. It was 70 degrees on Tuesday – not your average winter weather given what is happening on the East coast this week! Following up on my last post, I thought I would provide a downloadable, expanded report on the job sites I […]

Some Basics I Use in My Job Search

I often get asked which online resources I use when searching for my next opportunity. Here are my “go-to” sites that I am on almost every day when searching for my next role and company: Glassdoor. I set up an account, uploaded my resume, and visit this site every day. I also set up job-alerts […]

A Professionally Produced Resume is Essential

Hi. If you are a reader of my blog, you know I seldom recommend other products or services. However, recently I found myself in the position of changing jobs, and decided my resume [20+ years of experience on it] really needed an overhaul. I did a fair amount of research and corresponded with multiple resume […]

Do you understand how to mirror?

One of the skills I touch upon in my recently published guide is the art of “mirroring” during an interview. The best information I learned about this technique was actually from listening to Tony Robbins, where he discusses how to use this to build personal relationships. True mirroring is fairly easy to learn, and involves […]