My New Book + Site Information for Newbies!

Check out my just published book “What I Wish Every Job Candidate Knew: 15 Minutes to a Better Interview“. This is one of my best works to date – it accurately captures over 20 years of observations interviewing and hiring all levels of individuals. It provides a set of concise recommendations based on mistakes I […]

I was a Stripper…

I recently read a great article on titled “How to put ‘stripper’ on your resume“. Many people have worked in positions that they found satisfying, paid good money and helped sustain their standard of living, are legal – yet may raise eyebrows when considering a new job not in the same realm.   Stripper […]

Amazon – The Unanswered Question

I’ve received several questions via email at regarding a comment made on the Author’s description of my newest book on Specifically, what was the one question that a senior manager candidate answered wrong that caused us not to hire her. Let me give you some context, and how my book would have helped […]

The Digital Interview Handbook – An Essential Tool for the Digital Age

Recently I had an opportunity to review “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook” by Paul J. Bailo. I must admit I was impressed and would consider it an essential tool in any job seekers arsenal. If you have previously participated in a video interview, or you have one coming up, “The Essential Digital Interview Handbook” is […]

Winning the Interview when you’re 1 of 2 Final candidates

Refresher on the Interviewing Process Almost all corporate interviews end up coming down to 2 candidates, with potentially one extra “tie breaker” interview cycle occurring to help the management team decide who will get the job, and who will be going home. As a refresher on the overall interview cycle, remember that most white collar […]

Resume Format Template

Almost everyone wants to ensure they are using the best resume template they can, and most job seekers are always looking for that perfect, best sample resume they can copy. This makes sense – your resume is typically the one single item that determines whether you get called in for a job interview, and also […]

How to Interview Well

I can’t imagine a more researched topic with tons of free advice than how to search for and interview well for a new job. Anyone that has ever held a job – whether mowing lawns or as a vice president of a technology company lets the advice flow freely. Recruiters and human resources personnel are […]

Resumes – How do I look my best?

I was speaking with a 19yr old today who was describing his first resume he had created and was sending out – turns out he didn’t have his contact information on there, listed references with names and phone numbers, and in general hadn’t done much research on what a resume should look like… DON’T MAKE […]