Job Fairs – Don’t Underestimate these as a key resource

Hi. Be sure and read my detailed post on how best to leverage job fairs. I would recommend doing a google search at least twice a week to find local job fairs – there are ton’s out there, and represent an opportunity to get in front of hiring companies in person. As an example, a […]
First time manager stressed out

First Time Manager Tips and Challenges

Interested in a career in Management? Wondering what the characteristics of a good manager are? One of the best books I’ve ever read is “Winning” by Jack Welch. While not specifically a guide as to what managers do, it covers a lot of ground and provides excellent background into the mindset required to be an […]

Simple Interview Tips

Hi – in reading through ongoing posts in and other job advice boards, I find a common set of questions around some basics of interviewing. I thought I would share some simple, yet highly effective interview tips that will help you in almost all interview scenarios. I’m still surprised many candidates I personally interview […]

Career Fair Resource

Hi – Thought I would post a quick link to a great career and job fair resource – remember to read my posting on the behind the scenes strategies for using a career fair to your advantage! Remember – there is a method to being successful at a career fair. Read how my company […]

Interview Followup – I didn’t get the job

I recently had a reader walk me through their interview experience. She had a great first interview, and followed many of my interview tips during their second interview. She walked out of the second interview feeling like she had really connected with the hiring manager, and was expecting a call with a job offer. She […]

Layoffs are an integral part of business

I’ve had to lay staff off before – it is emotionally draining, and extremely difficult. Layoffs can occur for two primary reasons: The business is suffering, orders aren’t coming in, and the company simply cannot afford to remain at current staffing levels without risking larger consequences [i.e. the entire company going out of business during […]

Job Search – Pay for this service?

I recently was contacted by one of our site visitors who asked if they should consider paying for a resume refresh through In speaking with her it turned out that: She was being contacted and going on multiple interviews over the past several weeks She was even going back for second interviews in a […]

Interview Articles Just Published

Hi. 2 new interviewing skills articles have just been published on – available for FREE! “Understanding the Interview Process” “Job Interview Question: How to Answer Who Is Your Best Friend?” I hope everyone finds these helpful as you continue on your journey towards that new job! Russell

Job Search – Lost and Back to Basics

I’ve been reading a lot of postings today on career forums such as the one at [], and where I could add value I’ve been responding to some specific situations or questions. However, there are a lot of postings out there with either people just starting a job search due to graduation or being […]

Interview Answers: Never Volunteer Personal Information

Be very careful never to be lulled into providing personal information in an interview. No matter how natural the conversation is going, no matter how much of a “bond” you seem to be establishing, keep the conversation completely focused on work, and don’t stray into personal discussions. Example of what not to do: You notice […]