Don’t forget to reward yourself

Two things happened today that I thought I would comment on. One is my sister was seeking some advice from me, as she was on her second interview for a new position [she had been laid off a few months ago like so many], and of course I welcomed that chance to share my experience […]

Free Resources for your Job Search

Hi. I recently was made aware of some new resources online that offer a wealth of information around interviewing and resume creation. I haven’t had the chance to fully review these, but an initial pass showed some good content – however, as with most free content sites, you’ll have to sift through a fair amount […]

Is Interviewing an Art or a Skill?

What do you think? Is Interviewing an Art, that requires some innate ability that people are born with and refine throughout their life, or is it a skill that can be learned and then refined like any other skill? Are some people just born with a “knack” for interviewing and getting the job offer the […]

Interview Tips for a Career Fair

I often get asked about Career Fairs and interview tips to use in that environment. Let’s talk about my direct experience both structuring and having my team run career fairs. We’ve used 2 primary types over the years – “Open House” career fairs at the office, where we advertise and have hundreds of candidates show […]

Help with interview questions

Hi. Almost everyone at one time or another is looking for help with interview answers. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced executive who finds themselves interviewing after being in a position for years. I’ve captured some key learnings and guidance in my new book “7 Interview Questions You Must Get Right” – […]