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Russell Tuckerton Portrait Author

Russell Tuckerton is a technology executive with over 25 years of experience in leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Level 3 Communications, and Intuit. In his spare time he created an interview guide, written from his extensive experience as a hiring manager, to finally share with job seekers what they are doing wrong in interviews – and why they don’t get hired.


Broadcast Bio:

Russell Tuckerton created “15 Minutes to a Better Interview” based on seeing the same mistakes made over and over in interviews – and not being able to immediately give feedback to job candidates. Collecting over 25 years of experience in hiring and managing people at all levels of an organization, he set out to create a condensed and actionable guide to enable people to quickly improve their interviewing skills. His experiences from the other side of the desk set his guidance apart from other guides written by HR and recruiters – who at the end of the day do not make the hiring decision.


Full Bio:

Russell grew up in Columbus, Ohio as the middle child between two sisters. His fascination with computers began when he received a TRS-80 Model 1 computer when he was twelve. Spending the next few years teaching himself multiple computer languages on this early home computer, he subsequently attended The Ohio State University and graduated with honors with a degree in Compute Engineering.

A lifelong Buckeye, he nonetheless moved to Chicago to begin his professional career. Little did he know this would just be the start of his journey across the country and across multiple companies and industries. After receiving a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, he later moved to Los Angeles where he experienced life two blocks from the ocean in Santa Monica.

During his brief tenure at the start-up that brought him to LA, Russell moved into management roles involved with interviewing candidates both for his and other peer’s teams.

The slow death of the LA startup motivated Russell to explore Denver, going to work for a leading R&D firm in high technology, where he quickly worked his way up to a Vice President position. As he continued to be directly engaged in hiring people in both this role and subsequent roles in Denver, he increasingly became frustrated at how both entry level and senior level candidates would present themselves in interviews. Otherwise highly qualified candidates would continually not be able to come across well in interviews – often resulting in both him and the interviewing team rejecting them as a hire.

Trying the startup game once again yielded fantastic experience in cutting edge broadband technology, but ultimately resulted in Russell and his new wife moving to Redmond, WA to work for an old colleague at Microsoft. While at Microsoft, as at past companies, he was exposed to formal training on an ongoing basis in advanced interviewing and assessment techniques.

However, the change of companies and states did not result in more sophisticated interviews – the same presentation and communication mistakes were made by candidates during his interview experiences at Microsoft.