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How To Ask If You Got The Job

did I get the job after interview man question mark Multiple people often try to figure out during or at the end of the job interview how to ask if you got the job. If you are thinking about ending your interview by somehow trying to determine how to ask if you got the job, this article is for you. You need to learn how to […] Continue reading →

Studying Too Hard for the Job Interview?

Girl studying Interview Questions and Answers  Throughout my career I have run into many job candidates who come into my office like students who stayed up all night studying for a final exam. They look tired, stressed out, and struggle for an hour to remember the exact answer to the exam questions. The problem is there are no exact right answers, […] Continue reading →

Simple Interview Tips

 Hi – in reading through ongoing posts in and other job advice boards, I find a common set of questions around some basics of interviewing. I thought I would share some simple, yet highly effective interview tips that will help you in almost all interview scenarios. I’m still surprised many candidates I personally interview […] Continue reading →